LPFinland on Twitter

Me and two of my friends created twitter account for Finland faction.
We are dedicated to support the band and reach out and communicate with LP Family all over the world.
Come check us out and feel free to follow! It’s been a really great start.
You can find us on Twitter by @LPFinland



Oh so it’s you behind that account! Already follow you, I’m involved in everything that regards Finland and Linkin Park :laughing: I love Finland and I’m trying to learn Finnish too so, keep going :muscle:



Hi! Yes, I am one of three behind the account, thank you for following us and I hope you enjoy our posts! :blush::pray::heart:
Happy to hear you are excited about Finland and learning finnish, keep going! :heart_eyes::pray:

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It’s us​:heart::heart: And nice that you follow us!

Where are you from? Where does your passion for Finland come from?




It’s you Nelli? Nice to find you here! I don’t know if you recognize me I’m @MariaLa68 and all that long name that Twitter gave me :laughing:

Italy :it:

Well, it’s a pretty stupid story… When I was little I had to find a location for my “barbies’ story” and I found that Finland was the right place because there were so many trees and was so full of nature, soon it was a real “obsession”, so much that my parents decided to make a trip there, it was amazing! Since then I am trying to learn as many things as possible and I made with my bestie a PowerPoint too about the country. I hope one day I can get back to it

That’s long but I am not good at telling stories :laughing:


Sounds amazing to me :heart_eyes: Where did you visit here? I love our nature, especially at summer. Lapland is mezmerising :heart::pray: I spent all summers there till I was bout 15, so kinda partly grew up there. :smile: Loved those summers :heart:

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I visited Helsinki, Turku and Tampere, some other cities of Finnish Lakeland, Kuopio (where I first listened to Verjnuarmu and now I’m totally in love with them :heart_eyes:) Oulu and Rovaniemi

You can say it for sure :heart_eyes:

Believe me Italy is something totally different from Finland
I remember there the air was so thin and fresh, and also I remember that when I came back to Rome my brother said putting is head out of the car “smell the sweet air of Rome”, he sniffed exhaust and started coughing :laughing:
Obviously I love Italy and I find Rome very beautiful :heart: but our air is nothing compared to the Finland’s one

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That’s me! And yes I remember you, we’ve been interacting in Twitter. And remember that we even discussed this Finland thing last summer ago whem we posted pics about our countries (was it through Lights for Chester), right?

I’m not much here, only every now and then!

But nice to meet you here also​:heart::heart::heart:

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Yeah I remember! I miss Lights For Chester missions, they reunited so many soldiers :heart:

Have a nice day!

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