LP vs. LP


Leave Out All the Rest vs Shadow of The Day


Iridescent vs. Robot Boy


The Messenger vs Powerless[/quote]

Fabricioooo, I would go with The Messenger :slight_smile:

Robot Boy (I love that song and I don’t know why :slight_smile: )

Waiting Fo The End vs Lies Greed Misery

Waiting For The End…I LOVE it <3

What We Don’t Know vs. Across The Line

accross the line

pretend to be vs no roads left

No Roads Left

Esaul vs. Blue


From The Inside vs. Crawling

Hard but From The Inside

Shadow of the Day vs Iridescent


since it’s LT 1 Year Anniversary

Until it Breaks vs Powerless

choose Powerless

Given up vs. Don’t Stay

Don’t Stay

My December vs. Valentine’s Day

My December

Debris vs. Asbestos


New Divide vs. Faint

New Divide

Powerless vs. Iridescent


By myself vs. When they come for me

When they come for me!

Pushing me away vs. From the inside

Pushing me away

Points of Authority vs. Blackout

Points of Authority

Given Up x QWERTY


blackbirds vs. debris