LP vs. LP

Skin to bone

Mark the graves vs keys to the kingdom

Keys to the kingdom

Heavy vs Good Goodbye

Omg I don’t know.
Heavy, maybe. Yes, Heavy.

By Myself vs. Breaking the Habit

Breaking the Habit 100%,

Heavy vs. Easier to Run

I love both of them but maybe this time I’ll go with Easier to Run

In Between vs In Pieces

Argh. In between I think.

The Little Things give you Away vs. Roads Untraveled

Roads Untraveled

Mark the Graves vs Rebelion

Mark the graves ( I am so sorry rebellion! I love you too!!)

One step closer vs in the end

Damn! Maybe… One Step Closer? But I love In the End too!

No Roads Left vs What We Don’t Know

What we don’t know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Runaway vs. Easier to run

Easier To Run.

Brooding vs Wake Up.


Somwhere I belong vs Breaking the habbit

breaking the habit (it was hard!)

Somewhere i belong vs what i’ve done

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What I’ve done

Runaway vs Robot Boy

Robot Boy

And One vs Qwerty

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In my remains vs. powerless

Points of Authority!! That was hard…

Battle Symphony or Final Masquerade

In my remains

Pushing me away - Faint


Robot Boy Vs Burning In The Skies

Burning in the skies

Blackbirds vs. no roads left