LP Underground tickets for South Africa/ Cape Town

Hi Guys

Cant wait to see the show but when exactly will we get our tickets, I know we are waiting on you guys to email computicket. Then computicket will email us but when exactly will we get our tickets? I ask this in light of paying for tickets and then by the LPunderground team saying 2 week later, we shall get them. It is now almost 2 months down the line and no email has been sent to any member or person who has bought a ticket by this site. Please could you get back to us on this because I am really waiting to see the show and truly looking forward to it but this waiting for the ticket is not cool.
Oh and by The way i am still waiting for LPpass which i Have still not gotten, can some one from LPunderground please get back to me.
Thank you for the time and effort and I hope to here from somebody soon.


Richard den Das

I received my LP pass last week. Also waiting on info regarding collection of tickets…

Haven’t had my Pass yet, still waiting for that

What worries me isthat I am seeing American ppl upset about not receiving their tickets that were posted to them. I know that ours is being done through Computicket and Big Concerts but this constant delaying by Big Concerts is becoming an issue for me

Just got a tweet from Big Concerts that we should have the emails we need to collect our tickets, in the next 3 weeks.

Let’s hope it happens