LP T-shirts

I’ve been looking at LP & LPU T-shirts, but can’t find any that I really want, or the logo is part of the previous tours. Is there any word about new ones?

I like the look of LP Case in Point. Another one is LPU’s LP Symbols Tshirt, but it is Out of stock.

You can find LP Case In Point T-shirt or other T-shirt here LP Store. For LP Symbols T-Shirt which size are you? S & XS is out of stock but M & L is available.

the LPU Symbol tshirts is on ebay often, if you like to buy it there!

a lot of websites online sell lp merchandise
google ? (:

Yeah, like already mentioned, just try ebay :wink:

A Large would be great. I was only looking on the LP and LPU sites for shirts, guess I have to look around elsewhere…

Edit: SMRT! I didn’t see the option to select the large size. It has been ordered.

berapa poin yg diperlukan?