LP Soldiers

I’m always hearing the term “soldier”, like “I’m not a LP fan, I’m a soldier”. And I’m embarrased to admit that, after all these years, I still don’t know what it means. Maybe it means that you are a “true fan”, more special, more devoted to LP, or more whatever than other fans? I really want to know how all of you define it and if you feel like a soldier.
Secondly, I don’t like that term at all. Maybe I’m just the only freak here who feels that but I had to confess that too. I know that it was the first symbol of LP, but in my head a solider is someone who is supposed to follow orders. Nobody trains a soldier to reason about or think over their orders. And I also relate it to LP because I’ve heard many times before “A true LP fan loves every album”. I totally disagree with that. Aren’t we suppose to reason and think about their music and decide by ourselves what thing we like and we don’t??
Please, answer these TWO things
P.S: refrain from talking about your country’s army, navy, air force or something like that. Remember this is all about music :smiley: I’m not insulting anything, I’m just expressing my opinion

I believe the term comes from the Linkin Park Street Soldiers, which is LP’s street team.

I also think that LP Soldiers term comes from LP Street Team, not exactly sure.
On the other note, about whether a true fan should like every single album or not. I personally think that, that depends on your level of commitment to the band… I don’t know that’s just me, if you’re their number one fan, you’ll like anything that comes from them, I guess…

As an answer to the second question, I don’t believe you have to LOVE every album, but you should at least APPRECIATE the work that went into making them. Or at least respect the craft. Each album is different and the musical composition is diverse.

I don’t define it as anything and claim to be nothing. Labeling myself proves nothing. It’s music, just listen.