LP related YouTube channels!

Hi everyone :smiley: I thought I would create this thread to post and comment on LP related YT channels, as I think there is a lot of creativity out there!

PLEASE check out my channel as a start :slight_smile:

If you would like a look at my “Fan Made Lying From You Video” take a look here:

My main focus is LP mixes though.

If you like the content I would greatly appreciate it if you SUBSCRIBED to my channel, LIKED and COMMENTED my videos!!!

Feel free to post other YT channels below as well!

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Cool remixes:

Good instrumentals (his first channel got deleted, but he used to upload tons of live stuff =( )



Other cool live stuff:


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has a lot of full concerts

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This is my channel. I upload mostly guitar and keyboard covers, but i also upload a remix here and there.

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I will see all the channels! :smiley:

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I guess my channel counts as an “LP channel.” Just mouse over my sig for the hyperlink in my tour dates image


has a lot of full concerts

Thanks m8 :slight_smile:

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