LP at Skive Festival 2012

I am already really, really stoked about Linkin Park coming to Skive Festival this year - especially since I wasn’t able to attend their concert in Herning back in 2010!

The only bad thing about the concert is that I know they won’t be playing all 38 songs that I would love to hear live. :wink:

My personal favorite songs that I’ve heard live are: Numb, Leave out all the Rest and From the Inside. But I would also very much like to hear Easier to Run (my favorite track by LP, ever) and then from A Thousand Suns: Iridiscent, Robot Boy, Waiting for the End and When They Come for Me.

Which song is your favorite LP song played live?

It’s gonna be soo AWESOME, I’m going to be there! :smiley:

I did see the concert in Herning and it was SO great! This will be my second time and I can’t wait for it xD

The best songs I’ve heard live has to be New Divide, In The End, Papercut, No More Sorrow, Given Up, Numb, When They Come For Me, Waiting For The End and The Little Things Give You Away :smiley:

I whished they had played Lying From You in Herning, cause it’s one of my favorite songs! Maybe they will play it this time!

They will probely play Numb and Waiting for the End :slight_smile:
They had never play Robot Boy live, but maybe they will :slight_smile:

I will like to here something new and rare :smiley: