Looking to trade size 10 Xanders

Hi everyone, posting a topic for this, for those who don’t frequent the Linkin Park Collections thread.

Anyways, friends I haven’t seen in years just came back, with all three Xanders as gifts. Specifically, Suru Xander, Life Collection White/Green, and the Xander LE.

New, unused. Perfect.

Only problem is that, if they go by the same sizing as MSDC Pride, I should have an 8/8.5. All three are size 10 (insert sad face).

So for those of you who bought them only to collect/display, and have them in size 8/8.5 (or even 7!) – would you be interested in trading?

I wouldn’t mind buying either. I LOVE these gifts, it’s just that I do like to wear them when I know I won’t be doing anything to ruin them.

Please let me know! Thank you very much (: