Looking for 1 pre-sale code,can offer place to stay @ Hollywood Bowl & ride from Burbank Airport

Long time LPU member who won’t receive a code. Looking for a one.
If anyone needs a ride from Burbank airport to the Hollywood Bowl day of the show or a place to
crash walking distance from concert message me.
Car can hold 4 more people. Mercedes CLS 250
Home can hold 1 person. Spare bed


I loved Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. I remember when my friend Dan Lastra first exposed me to them when I was 15 years old. I remember taking ownership of my sisters Julie Arndt Hybrid Theory Album from then on. I remember my brother taking me to my first rock concert with Linkin Park and Metallica. I will always remember him asking “it’s not one of those screaming bands” He hated it but was so nice to take me.
I remember bleaching my hair to look like Chester from the Crawling video before the first day of high school.
I started to learn guitar to play Linkin Park songs. I loved their weird albums, live albums, mash up, remix and solo albums.
I got lucky when I won a contest by writing an essay about why I was a big fan. I got to go back stage and hang out with them. I maxed out my credit card to buy the same guitar they use. I almost couldn’t get it into SAP Arena. When they saw I had bought the same guitar and went to all the trouble to get it there they all wrote me messages on it. Chester drew the stars all over the front.
I ended up going to see them in concert more than ten times with Kendra TriceJacob CongerJason CongerSterling Nuzum my brother and Tara for concerts, award shows,private shows and meet and greets.
I bought a back stage pass for one concert and since I was the last person to pick it up they gave me two extra tickets so me and the Congers got to meet Chester and Linkin Park backstage. During the concert we were right at the front and Chester was basically singing into our faces as seen in the video I made.

I ended up seeing Chester perform with STP. This was my last time I saw him perform.
Linkin Park was the soundtrack to my life and Chester Bennington was the voice in my head. Whenever I needed to escape I found comfort in his voice and motivation in his lyrics.
It’s heartbreaking to write this as he had a lot of people who adorned him. He was the one guy in the band who would put on a smile on his face and would go the extra mile for the fans.
I was going to see Linkin Park next month. The tickets will be refunded but I already sent the money to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s Network in honor of Chester Bennington.
I’m sorry you had so much pain but I hope your life inspires others to seek help.
RIP Chester

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