London Memorial (Information)

Just in case some people have missed the information, we are planning to all come together for a memorial outside the US Embassy, London, on Thursday. The Facebook event link is below. It’s next to Hyde Park, Oxford Street and Marble Arch. Bring whatever you’d like and whatever you think is appropriate. This is obviously a fan made event. The more people with guitars and instruments too, the better. If you don’t play anything, bring you voice, and don’t be scared to use it. Don’t be scared to cry and hug each other either. Also, you can go there any day and lay flowers too. It’s difficult to organise something like this as we all have such busy lives, and obviously we’d all like a good turnout. The date was set to Thursday, and as it’s exactly one week on, it seems like the right day. Although, as some people can’t make it on that day, there are people that are expressing their interest and saying that will come on Friday. Using these LP Forums and social media is a great way of finding out, organising and communicating with others. Also, afterwards on Thursday night, there’s a tribute club night at The Underworld, Camden (11pm-3am), which some of us are planning to go to, tickets are on sale now online so they might sell out if you don’t buy one. There is another club night in tribute on Saturday 5 August at The Garage, although that’s now sold out. I tried to put the link to The Garage night but the website said new users can only have two links.

I’m just trying to help people with information. You may use this post to discuss if you wish.

Address: US Embassy, 24 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London, W1A 2LQ.
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