LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent Medley on Piano?

So as I’m still being newbie on piano/keyboard… Anyone can transcribe this to piano notes/tabs? Would love to learn to play this!

Here’s the video from HOB - http://youtu.be/1r7NHFHu6Ag

He’s just playing basic notes and chords. the LOATR part is C A (x4), E A (x4), E C (c4) and D A (x4) on the right hand on the 4th and 5th octaves (that’s how I know it). BUT Mike played it an octave higher I think. And on the left hand you play A 2nd octave and C F D in between on the 3rd octave.

I don’t know the SOTD part but Iridescent is played by a Am and and F chord without adding the 2nd note of the chord tho on both hands…kinda tricky but if you listen to the song you’ll figure it out pretty soon and realize it’s actually easy.

I can play it
well first you play Am x4 Cx4 Fx4 Gx4
And SOTD is the very last part of the keyboard on Iridescent
I am tryng to make a video with it in piano.
but I need tha solng in MP3.

Thanks a lot guys!!!

@ALEJANDRO you can use this website to convert the video to mp3 - http://www.youtube-mp3.org/

Here’s my attempt at it