Living Things

Hello. A lot of people have received their copy of LIVING THINGS. My copy is very close to my house, but I don’t want to listen to it till 6/26/12. If we get it early, are we allowed to listen to it under the release day challenge?

No you not!!! Mshinoda will be mad at you :3

It is irresistible…!!! I will nt be able to stay away from it!! :smiley:

[quote=purrfect]No you not!!! Mshinoda will be mad at you :3

come on man :smiley: the releaseday challenge isn’t that special. It was just posted from Mike that, if we like, we can do it
I live in germany, album came out friday, i heard it wednesday. Mike did not kill me so far :slight_smile:
When you get it early - listen to it

I also didn’t get my CD yet, though the release date in Germany is two days old now, but I didn’t listen to it and I won’t, until I get my physical one. I think you can resists, if you want to :stuck_out_tongue:

i hope my linkin park living things album comes in the mail tomorrow