Living Things preview

Hi guys!

Did you read it? Sounds really good! Especially Victimized [cool]

I’m even more excited now, and really looking forward to Victimized!

Yes I read it too! I practically drooled while reading this article haha I’m just so anxious to hear the new music. I agree that Victimized sounds like it’s going to be awesome as does Until it Breaks :slight_smile:

Gaaahhh I can’t wait! [surprised]

wow this review is incredible, I’m really looking forward to LIES GREED MISERY and Victimized. Even though this guy said this is their best album to date, Hybrid Theory will always be number 1 in my heart!

whoaaa I really like this article and now I need it even more necessarily to hear ;DD
I’m also looking forward to ‘Castle of Glass’ because I think the title is so cool (;
But of course ‘Victimized’ sounds a bit scary (haha) so it’s gonna be a good one!!!

I am very excited. I actually don’t have a single clue how this album will be…

Wow! That is on hell of a review! Victimized sound like it will be one hell of a song can’t wait.The whole album sounds amazing!

I like the fact that the media doesn’t talk bullshit about LP again.
Almost every review to ATS was so fucked up, I just couldn’t stand it…
but if so many magazines are saying that the next album will be dope, it’s gotta be super-duper-dope :smiley:

I’m really looking forward to hear it!