Living Things Movie Concert

We attended the Living Things Movie Concert tonight in Brentwood, Ca @ Rave. They could not get it to work. So they issued refunds and maybe they will reschedule. So pissed. I pre ordered tickets and have been looking forward to this for weeks. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

The Regal Theater in Union Square, NYC had problems as well. It froze at the very beginning of Breaking The Habit and skipped all the way to Burn It Down. So we missed 6 songs in total! We got refunds/free movie tickets. Still kinda mad about it though.

The one in Elk Grove, CA was just fine… but it was me, my GF, and 1 other person…

I just came back from Century 8 in North Hollywood and it worked just fine. AND, it was just me and my 3 buddies, so we rocked out so hard during the songs, it was great.