Living Things & LPU membership help?

I live in the US and I ordered the physical cd and digital along with LPU membership and I received the physical cd but the rest I have not heard of. I obviously have the membership but I haven’t received the lanyard etc.

What do I do :s

I guess they’re being sent separately
you should be able to check your order status in the ‘manage account’ section

I hope since it says I have no orders

The exact same thing happened to me today. So excited for Living Things, but hope the other items come too and soon! I also live in the US.

I ordered the same back in April and just got my lanyard a couple days ago. I think it just takes a long time and you have to wait.

Hopefully, I checked my e-mail and the digital copy was there but now I’m just wondering where the lanyard could be. It’s been over 6 weeks since I ordered it.

Irrelevant, but the album is amazing. I’ve had it looping since I got it. Perfection.

The lanyard is from ground control and the album is from Warner brothers. I got them separately.

You live in the US and it’s almost 6 weeks?! JESUS WE GOT AN EMERGENCY CASE HERE!

No seriously, I live in Singapore, all my international orders take only 2 weeks…

I still haven’t received my LPU lanyard (joined with pre-order.) Just got me pre-order today…