Linkinpark in Calgary

Just wondering who is all going to this concert! Anyone want to carpool?

I’m going with some friends but I don’t have anyone to hang out with for the meet and greet, let me know if you will be there.

I’m going!!! =) I’m super stoked cant wait =) just 9 more days. I’m in a car load myself, me, my brother, my nephew, one of my best friends, my nephew’s best friend are all going, plus going to meet up with other friends and newly made ones hopefully. It’s gonna be awesome, first time ever WOOOOOOOOOO =)

Got my meet and greet confirmation.

Hamilton? Holy moly that’s a long drive. Awesome tho!

Devoted fans, yup. I thought my 6 hour drive was long. But I’ve heard of people flying from across the planet to see them.