Linkin Park Surface Thread

This will be the thread where all LP Surface related topics can be talked about, future additions, and changes to the website. Any feedback is welcome (do not bring up copyright related topics). Contributing and advertising the website will be appreciated!

I’ve always hated Internet Explorer, but most people that aren’t well educated on browsers use it still. The website now looks like it will on any other browser (some minor issues). Please notice that all browser support is only checked on the newest versions of each browser

Homepage Related:
Everything is updated and finished at the moment

New Additions Include: Sharing and embedding feature, notice about Fan Art and future of the Movie Night page, and updated coding and rewording

Backup Chat Related:
Webpage has been redone to fit the rest of the website design. LPUX theme is not currently working, LPU11 is working but not updated. Expand chat works. Taco mode doesn’t work (works on LPU11 theme).

Movie Night Related:
Movie Night has been postponed for the time being due to video/sound issues and the legal issues of streaming movies

Demos Related:
All LP Underground released demos have been removed and will not be returning in their full versions (will be asking Adam for approval to add 15-30 second clips of each song with links to for purchasing the CD)

New Features in the Future:
A LP Underground/LP Surface fanart section is coming soon. This does not count official artwork

The old thread has been deleted because of the fighting on it that doesn’t need to keep going. Adam has approved that it is ok to have images from LP Underground, and also approved the use of all non-LPU released demos on the website.

nice site, i admire your efforts =)

[quote=AcrossTheLine]nice site, i admire your efforts =)

Linkin Park Surface will be down for awhile to make changes to the coding, hope to be back up ASAP

It would be nice to get notifications when someone comments on something you’ve commented on (blog post, forum topic, etc.) and when you get comments on your own blog posts. And maybe an option to automatically allow profile comments? Those would be my only suggestions!

Linkin Park Surface doesn’t have anything to do with the coding of LP Underground, and I don’t have the ability to do any of that. Please contact Adam or ground(ctrl)