Linkin Park Movie

I drove for 4 hours round trip to take my son to the movie. We watched almost 1/2 of previews and the music video then just as the movie was about to begin, the movie theater lost power and would not show the movie that night, or ever!! My son is 13 and a new drummer and he is learning the guitar. Llinkin Park continues to influence him in a positive way. I was so hoping the movie would be released again.

Dude that sucks so bad! Sorry to hear that - hopefully the cinema changes there mind :\

Ouch that sucks man! We had problems at my movie theater too. It froze during the very beginning of Breaking The Habit and then skipped like 6 songs in total. Must of us that stuck around got refunds and free movie tickets. Did you guys at least get a refund?

Huge bummer. I hope they compensated you in some way.