Linkin Park Meet & Greet at Tinley Park 8/24

This thread is for all who went to the M&G at Tinley Park on Friday August 24th. That was personally one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I met people who were just as proud and passionate as I was about Linkin Park. This was my first time truly conversing with my fellow die-hards, and it was something I’ll never forget. Along with meeting my heroes, Linkin Park.

Being able to meet an talk with them is truly a once in a lifetime experience, that I also will never forget. They were as cool and kind as everyone had said they were. The concert was equally amazing. I can really tell they played their best.

I’m glad I got to meet such great individuals and my heroes. This is a night, that I will never ever forget. And it’s all thanks to Linkin Park who made it happen. Thanks LP.

Todd! It was a great day indeed. I’m glad i was able to meet you guys and it was just awesome :slight_smile: have a nice drive back to Iowa dude

I had the time of my life last night. That setlist was amazing. Glad I met you guys

wish i was able to be a part of the meet & greet that day but i heard it was during the incubus set and i had pit tickets so i wasn’t so let down on not going but i did meet them during a summit in chicago. they truly are amazing in person and great performers. they reminded me of that in tinley and i was in a row behind the people up to the barricade. crazy but extremely fun time. hope to do it again and meet fellow diehards this time

Yo Brian, thanks dude. It was a good time.

No doubt, that setlist was crazy as hell. I loved the whole thing. We all need to plan the next Midwest concert. Would be sick to see each other again.

We should definitely do that Todd, i just hope we wont have to wait too long

Great meeting you guys. Being the only big concert around the midwest, it was a great place for the biggest fans to gather together. It’s been a pleasure to meet you guys.