Linkin Park Mashup!


A mashup of Linkin Park Numb/Crawling :heart:

Listen/look by clicking here

Hope you guys like!
/Christian/No Sleep For Lucy


First of all welcome on forum!
Second, please don’t make duplicate threads for the same thing…
Also the link you posted doesn’t work… (same in your other topic)

@jFar920 @derek please help

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Oh, sorry about that! I inserted an hyperlink it should work now :slight_smile:

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Ok, now it works! And you did it nicely too! :smiley:


Thanks ALOT, really apprecite it :).

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Hope to see other music by you :blush:


We have an whole album out actually :). check it out here: Spotify

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:dizzy_face: I’ll listen to it asap! Want to listen altogether… :blush: Thanks for sharing! :blush:

EDIT: listening now!! It’s a really nice album!! I like the singer voice, the music and lyrics! :heart_eyes: :notes: :musical_note: keep it going and wishing you good luck for your future!! :blush: :heart_eyes: