Linkin park is next weekend in Bristow,VA who's excited

i can’t believe linkin park is going to be bristow,va next weekend who’s excited for it and no soon it’s me and my friends turn to see them and meet them in person oh and it’s my second time meeting the band and my two friends john and laura’s first time meeting the band [biggrin]

Wow, that’s awesome. Did you get the M&G confirmation?

no not yet i hope i will get the meet&greets confirmation sometime on the 20th or 21st of august fingers cross

I’m excited to see the setlist!

I think that it will probably be the same here in Brazil :smiley:

Counting the seconds of the show here in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


I’M BEYOND ECSTATIC!!! It’ll be my very first Linkin Park concert, after all these years! And very excited that this is the very first date of their new tour! I’ve waited for sooooo long for it! Whooo! The BEST BAND IN THE UNIVERSE!!! [surprised]

This is my 2nd only LP show! Last time I had lawn tickets and the band was 4 inches tall! i was sad :stuck_out_tongue: i cant wait! counting the days!

Can. Not. Wait. This will be my first LP show and I get to see them open the tour next weekend!

i am so ready for this concert i have been to every LP concert in VA since the beginning of LInkin Park time this one is just happens to fall the day after my birthday cant wait