Linkin Park in Perú

Yes, I hope I have enough luck to meet LP the first time that they come to Perú :heart_eyes:

Holi :eyes:


Yes, only one click

Hey guys, LPU member here!

One query sent me an email of “lpuhq1!” And he tells me that my account is on hold. I have tried many times to respond to the m & g survey because the internet was slow.
That may affect M & G.

Today I saw that a lot of fans had problems with the M&G contest. Just wait for it. Maybe tomorrow will fix

Gracias lml

Hi Cesar. I’m from Huancayo. It’ll be the biggest dream to meet them.
I became a “Soldier” since I was 10 years old afte I heard “What I’ve Done”.
I owe them many things & it would be grateful to tell this in front of them.
Thank you for this & I can’t wait to see them on May 11th.

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Hi! My name is Ivan, I am from Lima, Perú. I am 29 years old and I follow Linkin Park since its creation (when I was a just a kid in school) to date. I love all what they do for so long and they are my inspiration to dedicate part of life to create art. Linkin Park was my scape to the hate, violence and indifeference that I when through during many years. I hope win. It would be a dream come true say thank to all the guys. All the best! :slight_smile:


Hi!! I’m from Peru too :raised_hands:

Goodluck to everyone! =D

Hi … I´m a member from Peru

Hi, From Juliaca - Puno, but live en Arequipa. I’m very excited


Peruvian here! Soldier since 2008
I’ve a question for you! I dont know “Your LPU account full name must match your PHOTO ID at Check-In or Meet & Greet entry will be denied” means.

Is it something about my DNI?
What does “PHOTO ID” mean?

Thank you!

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Hi, guys Greets from Arequipa i’m so excited about the concert i’m just waiting for the D-day to watch and enjoy this one life event.

hi , im gaudy =) I wanna win xD!

Hola gente… espero ganar un pase!!! nos vemos el 11

The name of you LPU account have to be the same of your DNI. (hay quienes se ponen apodos)

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Hi, I’m Giu and I’m also another administrator of Linkin Park Perú. Good luck to everyone, and let’s make May 11th the best day of our lives :smiley: . Hope to see you at our meeting on Sunday.