Linkin park Fan from Germany

Hello Soldiers
My Name is Ulrike and iam not that new. I totaly forgot that i have an Account here. So i made "Ulrike15078":joy::joy:
But as you can see i write now with my former "Ulrike1507":wink::wink:

I’m a Fan since the early Days. Love these Guys so much and always will.
And really miss them!
Juli 20th was one of the most sad days in my life…:cry::cry:!
But Linkin Park is not the only Group i love. There are some German Bands i love. And i love Music by Pink.
I also love Elephants and Dogs. And iam a supporter for my fave Soccer Team Schalke 04 :heart::blush:

Greetings from Germany



Hello there :blush:

Hello there​:blush::blush:


Welcome! I´m from Nuremberg. Which german bands do you like?
By the way: Look in the search button for “German LPUers” :face_with_monocle:

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Here’s the link:

@derek or @jFar920 closing this one? Thanks.



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