Linkin Park fan discord!

Hello, I made a Linkin Park fan discord which I all hope some of you will join and like. For those of you who don’t know what discord is, it’s basically a newer version of teamspeak. It’s a fairly new discord server with currently about 140 members. We also have channels for musicians to talk about music topics and to advertise to gain exposure. Come join fellow Linkin Park fans and hang out. Our invite link:

Hi there!

I see you’re new here. Please before create a new topic use the searcher. We already have one here:

Also you can check this out:

@derek or @jFar920 are our moderators, so you can ask them (or any regular member) any doubt you might have.

And one more thing: Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: enjoy it.

Ya late dude :joy:- we soldiers are already there for a long time. But yeah, thanx for the try. Join our server man!

Sounds like theirs has more people actually.

That’s possible- how many members are on the lpu server atm @jFar920? Anyway, it’s an option, for me the lpu server is the choice

There’s 196 users that are part of the one I created, 30 online. Once you hit a certain amount of users it no longer shows the offline ones.

I’m not going to close this topic, if they want to advertise their own server they can, although it is counterproductive to have multiple


Agree ( as always, lol ) Thanks for the info though, have a great day :sunny:

Seems a lot has happened since I left.

you can still join mine <3 :wink:

mine isnt quite as big tho,it has 141 members including bots