Linkin Park app QR codes

On the LP app, there is a QR code reader and it says"Scan the code with the QR scanner and get linked directly to content or unlock hidden items". I tried to scan the QR on the LPU11 lanyard, but it had a terrible glare it wouldn’t work. Does anyone know what this does?

Where’s the code reader? I can’t see it


I’ve been trying to get it to work as well but no luck. I even took a high-res picture of it with my camera and tried to scan it from my laptop but nothing lol
I’d imagine it only sends you to the LPU homepage?

[quote=Debbieharrs]Where’s the code reader? I can’t see it


What do you mean by the second page? I have my news in the middle, my info to the right and the menu (photos, videos etc) to the left x

Ignore me, I’m being stupid! I was looking at the Lpu app! X

The QR Code on the LPU11 laminate is very small. It doens’t work.