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I’m sure there is a thread for this somewhere but I haven’t seen it, so I thought I would ask what’s your favourite LP albums in order with your top song and least liked song.

Here’s mine;

  1. Thousand suns, just love it and don’t have a least favourite part as its one whole journey.
  2. Hybrid Theory/ Meteora. These can’t be sepperated by me, but if I had to Hybrid theory would win, though Numb is my favourite song on either, hit the floor is my least, with hybrid theory there is no downs.
  3. Hunting party. Pure shock value! Didn’t see this coming after living things and I’ve not been more excited then waiting for the full album after hearing the first few singles. Line in the sand is top, not a fan of mark the graves.
  4. Minutes to midnight, feel harsh having this so low but it has to be one of them, the little things give you away is awesome a great way to close an album, not keen on in between, I feel that no roads left would of been better in the final track list.
  5. Living things, again feel harsh I love all these albums but this one is bottom cause I prefer to hear instruments and this lacked the edge that thousand suns had in my opinion. Powerless is top, until it breaks is just a weird song. Not bad but weird.

Like to hear everyone’s personal opinions


Non LPU albums: (best/worst)

Meteora: Somewhere I belong or Faint or Don’t stay/ Breaking the habit
Hybrid Theory: I can’t pick a fav / POA
The hunting party: AFN / ALITS (too long)
ATS: WAK / Any instrumentals
Reanimation: By_myslf / any of those answering machine bits
MTM: NRL / WID Mike’s remix
LT: Powerless / UIB
Recharged: None/ all

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I left reanimation and recharged off cause I felt they didn’t count. But reanimation is good. Not a fan of recharged

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A bunch of threads already exist about this topic here, here and here. Also, here and here. I’m pretty sure I’m missing a few more myself but yeap.


I expected as much lol

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