Leaving The Forum (Please No Negativity Towards Me)


I have decided to no longer log on here since I can’t handle all the lip I have gotten for what I say cause of misinterpretation, opinions, differences, repetition, etc. I wanted to post things without causing any controversy towards me and stuff but the opposite affect happened. This is my decision so please don’t start anything in the comments since I won’t contribute to it and I hope to not run into these kind of problems again cause I don’t deserve this for trying to be a nice and understanding person on here. :sob:


ohhh this is old. Why am I just now seeing this?


Because it was replied to. Lol


Damn you Jonas -.-


There are n00bs among us.


@jonasfischmann appears to have been a spammer or a bot. I just deleted their account completely so their reply is gone with it. I’m going to lock this topic since it’s nearly three years old now and not really worth bringing back up again.

@hayleekturner, if you would like this topic unlocked for any reason, let me know

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