Last letter game vol IV


Helloooo! :crazy_face:


Oreo (hola crazy lunatic)

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Over (dear brother! :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :heavy_heart_exclamation: )

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you’re cool! :slight_smile:


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Does ( hey yooo - I’m late for the party… :partying_face: HAS ANYBODY SAID PARTY??? :joy::upside_down_face::partying_face::partying_face::rainbow::tada::tada:!!! I would say - lets get it started… :stuck_out_tongue: who‘s here???


Sister! (Me! :raising_hand_woman: :crazy_face: )

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Reads ( then let’s go a bit together sweet sunshiny soulsis :tada::partying_face::rainbow::rainbow::heart::heart::joy:

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Shower ( wait a bit… I’ll go for a quick one… :laughing: )

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No worries- I’m gonna have dinner - no need to rush- tag me when ya back :hugs::kissing_heart::heart:


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Right (back! :blush: :cyclone: )

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Like a whirlwind :joy::+1:t2::tada::tada::tada: WB


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Yep, I’m fast :relieved: :blush: :grin:


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Whistle ( it’s not a … lol you’re the fastest - I’m worried a bit about Nick- hope he’s ok!!! @NickGr … )

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Enjoyed ( you think so?lol :laughing: it’s pretty easy: water-soap-water in the faster way possible, no waste of water :blush:
Yeah! @NickGr we miss you!!)

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Drowning ( I love to feel the warm water on my neck- rinsing down my back - warm and massaging :heart_eyes:- no way to do it fast… but if I have to- in the morning- I need like 8 mins and it’s done :joy:)

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Growing ( :scream: go for morning shower only then! :rofl: jk jk :hugs: )

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