Last Letter game vol II

Responsible ( :laughing: )

Everyone ( and I am not)

Eyes (remember all the sadness and frustration and let it go)

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Systematically ( :sparkling_heart::sweat_smile:)

Yesterday :joy: (UNICORNS AND LOLLIPOPS OH YEAH OH YEAH!!! :joy: :joy: )

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Yeah ( was missing my y unicorns and lollipops oh yeah oh yeah)

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Heart (I’ve become so numb :laughing: )

Tear ( I want to be more like me and less like you)

Rain (every time I hear, you were just like me with someone disappointed in you, it hits hard)

Need ( in the end it’s even matter)

Draw (its too late to turn back now)

Waste ( I am breaking the habit tonight)

30 minutes to @chigokurosaki yeah almost there

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Except (walking in circles)

Thousand ( :revolving_hearts:)

December (MY SUFFERING!)

Remember :sweat_smile:

Really (and given up right after my suffering?! :laughing: )

You ( unicorns and lollipops oh yeah oh yeah :sweat_smile:)

Yaaay ( unicorns and lollipops oh yeah- 20 mins, right?)

Ok - too late for the sing- but I felt like- my new word is

Unpatient :joy: