Last Letter game vol II

Loving :blue_heart:


Game (I lost which thread it was where we’re making stuff to support mike and the guys, anyone know which one it is?)

It’s @NickGr 's ones.


Talking (You know which one in particular?)

[(LPU video for the band and Mike - OUT NOW):] this one?


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Thank you


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No problem

Years ( unicorns and lollipops oh yeah oh yeah

Spirit ( good night morning soilders)

Think ( you’re still up? :unicorn: :lollipop:

Kinda.( yeah I but it’s all good)

A (place for my head :laughing:

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Amazing ( :heart:)

Greatness :joy:

Soilder ( love)

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Ready (think I’m going to sleep earlier tonight. Good night :star2: :unicorn: :lollipop:

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Yes ( good night @chigokurosaki and I am not far behind you unicorns and lollipops oh yeah oh yeah yeah I better go to sleep too so good night soilders)


Sleep ( well @turners34 and @chigokurosaki :star::sparkles::dizzy:- and everybody else going to bed rn and you guys did more than 100 posts again :heart_eyes: I love your productivity- this thread so alive is showing pure :heart: … and that’s awesome warm and feels absolutely GREAT - aaaand: good morning lpu :sunny:


Pillow ( aww thank you have a wonderful day @theearlywalker)

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