La tix

My LP concert is this weekend and I haven’t received my tix?? Anyone else going to the Carson show having this problem? My order just says Processing.

I read in somewhere that you have to send an email to the ticket company. You’ll be able to attend the show without your ticket if you that. But let see if someone here can explain better what you should do. Good luck!

Hi Kim,

I just called ground central regarding this as I am in the same boat. They said that the shipping company is shipping them out today and should arrive by tomorrow. They mentioned that if you do not receive your tickets by the end of the day on 09/06/2012, call them back and they will arrange to have your tickets picked up at will call.

Hope this helps!!

Yeah mine haven’t arrived or shipped either. I’m probably just to going to call ground control and be asked to be placed on will call

*edit: They’ve been shipped, should be here tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 9/6)