Kony 2012

Hey LPUers!

So I’m sure at least some of you have seen this viral video or at least heard of it. Well, I’m a proud part of Invisible Children and I figured I’d share this on LPU. This video is to make Joseph Kony famous. Not to admire him or celebrate him, but to make him famous so the ENTIRE WORLD calls for his arrest.

I love the LPU so I figured I’d share it here. If the band saw this and also spread it, well… that’d just be cool!


Pass it on! =D

The video itself is a bit fake (Jacob is probably not part of those children) but still, what we see in the movie really happens.

But I’m shocked that they mobilize so much population just to arrest someone… They didn’t do this to arrest Bin Laden…

Anyways, good luck to everyone who are getting involved in this!

I started a new topic before you about this but nobody cared. Reeeeally inspiring :confused:


Jacob is part of this. The Invisible Children founders met him when they first went to Africa and discovered ‘night commuting’ which first inspired them to do something and make their first video. He’s even come to America and toured with them when they promoted a new film.

And sorry, didn’t even notice someone else posted about this! But I’m glad you also support this cause! =)

And I just noticed Phoenix posted about Kony 2012 on twitter! I’m so pumped! XD

And this is my action to rise Invisible Children

Thanks Dave for sharing the VDO on his twitter.

I just logged on with the same intention of posting something about Kony myself. Glad to see that someone has already started to create awareness.

I agree if LP saw this and started to spread the message it would be awesome…due to their huge fan base the word would quickly get around and build support.

As far as I know there isn’t a more direct way of spreading the information through LPU but if Phoenix has started to post things it sounds like LP is starting to make a move!

It’s common knowledge for years, that this atrocities are going on in Kongo. I thought, the International Community stopped that. And I was surprised and angry, when I saw the Kony video and recognized, that those people still have the power to do such bad things.

As reaction I wrote something to several parties and to our government. I’ve got a first respond. The politicans have to know, that their voter are interested in that case.

Kony 2012 is not only a social experience which will be used to monitor and review how and if “the masses” can be encouraged/pressured into a movement, and if it works, how effective will it become.
LRA and Kony haven’t even been in Uganda in 6 years now. They’ve moved on to other countries and as a group they are exponentially smaller having little effect on the region.

The renewed interest in Uganda is a strategy to get hold of the newly found oil in the country in the first half of 2010.

The film was first screened on June 22, 2004 at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego. After the film, Invisible Children Inc initiated a successful campaign, petitioning the United States Government for support, Invisible Children Inc in 2012 started a social media campaign to garner support and awareness of the LRA and Joseph Kony.

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