Kids with Autism love Linkin Park!

My son has within the last 2 years been recently diagnosed with being on the Autism spectrum disorder. For years he wouldn’t listen to music or even let us know, what he liked or if he liked anything. He’s 12 so you can see some of the frustration behind not knowing what he was interested in. I recently got a new ipod and gave him my old one, there are at least 50 different bands on there, the only one he will listen to is LP, which is great!! A couple weeks ago we had talked to a center administrator and she said “it is very common that kids with Autism love LP” Thank you for the music!!!

This is awesome! I used to frequently talk with those kids and I always admired their courage. LP 4 LIFE :slight_smile:

This is interesting. My cousin has autism. I wonder if he’ll like LP?

I have aspergers syndrome, which is a form of autism. I have a lot of friends with autism, and I can’t think of ONE that doesn’t like Linkin Park. (Even the one that doesnt listen to them that much, likes a few of their songs.)

Wow, that’s awesome! I wonder how it all works subconsciously, and why he’ll only listen to LP. But good pick :stuck_out_tongue: I know music is good for everyone, especially those who can’t always communicate how they want, it’s a way to express themselves.

I aam with you on that. My son is 7 and he is on the spectrum as well… I can not count the times that LP has helped him with his melt downs and bring him out of his own world… That is why I got him tickets to their Vancouver show and really hope that he wins the M&G with them.

I’m on the spectrum myself and find this really interesting…

i know its not literally ‘‘lol’’ to have Autism so dont get me wrong
but with lol i personally mean that its pretty epic
just awesome, im happy for your son that he have found linkin park :smiley: