June Album and SPIN

There is that article by SPIN…have you guys seen ? What do you think about it ?

I read it this morning, makes me even more excited for the new album! CAN’T WAIT!!!

me too…can’t wait!

That article makes me also more curious. Sounds gooood! Even the guest appearance of Owen Pallett. Can’t wait!

I read it yesterday and it makes me soooo curious too. I am so anxious to hear the new music, I can’t wait!!!

This was the real article bout the new record ! I have to say that I was, at first, a bit dissapointed, because of the KERRANG article, which talks about more Nu Metal components, like in the old albums. But now, its out. Lets see what the new LP means. To my mind the song titles sound more mystical and not hard reality like ( I like the reality, dark feelings way more ). Is this their surprise ? Another comletely changing of style ? A new dirrection ? I won`t know it till the new one releases.

This just made me so much more.excoted for the album!!
Especially ,Lost in the echo"!

great article
and i love the last thing chester says on the end

amazing, love those guys

really nice article! Definitly worth a read

good article