Joe Hahn @ Singapore Grand Prix


Joe Hahn will be performing at the Singapore Grand Prix on 15th and 16th September (more info below).

The LPSingapore admins are thinking of doing something for Joe but we are running out of ideas. So we would like to get some suggestions from you guys!

We are also thinking of meeting Joe at the airport so if anyone has any idea/info about Joe’s flight to Singapore do update me! Thank you!! :smile:


Something to give him or to show? If to show you can do a flashmob or a flag with writtens upon it


How nice idea! Based on Joe’s IG he is already there.

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yepp thanks! we’re getting him a flag and getting fans to sign on it! :smiley:


HAHA yesyes! we were all shocked xD didn’t expect Joe to reach last night

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So glad I could’ve helped you :heart_eyes::heart: You know you have to tell us how did it go and take a photo to the flag, right? :laughing: