Isn't that nice?

Nice is an understatement. 5th number 1 album on the billboard 200 is quite the fourth of july present for LP :P.

Nope, that isn’t nice at all: that’s epic with a cherry on top of it. You see, Linkin Park has been there all along; some fans have just been away for a while. :wink: I’d say: congratulations to the guys and bravo, gentlemen: you’ve made me proud once again, of being a fan of the best band in the universe! :smiley: This record is just awesometastic square with a foot on a spiral attatched to it, so it can really kick your butt. :wink: It’s just sweet!

What an amazing feat by achieving 5 number one spot albums in their respective debut week. Congrats LP! LIVING THINGS is absolutely break taking and totally deserves it!

I’m not surprised, but still fucking proud.
Because number one, they probably gained quite a few of the Hybrid Meteora head bangers back, (no offence), and this is real music, not teeny-bopper boy band crap that has no balls.
Linkin Park, more fans than haters. And even then, the haters aren’t worth arguing with.

I’m so proud!!! of them and of us, we’re an awesome community, no sorry, awesome family!

Hell yeah, LP is just that awesome.