Is anyone from the St. Louis area?

Hello, I’m Laura aka Laura Lou. I live about 30 minutes from St. Louis, Missouri and I was just wondering if there were any other LPUers that maybe live close by me maybe? [cool]

Hello, Laura. Nice to meet u. I am from St. Louis. :DDD

oh Dmitry, I really wish you were! :frowning:

My wife and I are four hours north. I really want to send you my condolences, since my Royals took two out of three from your Cardinals. Bahahaha!

well, at least you get to play with Albert Pujols in the AL :smiley:

That is true. You should be happy Albert left. That would have kept the Cardinals from signing any other decent talent for 10 years. There would have been no one left in the stands by then. Your front office people are smart to let him go. Minnesota gave Mauer all that money, now they are a triple A team cause they can’t afford to get anyone else.

I live in Clinton, Missouri.

Okay. Maybe I shouldn’t have bragged about the Royals. They are such a awful home team.

It was nice to take a sweep over you guys :slight_smile: