Introduce yourself to the ground

Hi every LPU members, my name is Mathieu Alpha, I’m 20 and from France. As long as I can remember, my story with Linkin Park began in 2000. I was 8 at the time and like a lot of people I’ve heard of them with In The End. Since then, they made the soundtrack of my life with every albums and projects, from Hybrid Theory to Living Things.

I made a little, funny and interesting experience soon this morning : like Chester told he did in an interview, I just played all the studios albums (the essence of Linkin Park) without interruption.

It was a kind of Epiphany you know.

Some of songs that are famous like In The End, Numb, Leave Out All The Rest etc… that I felt like they’re boring because I used to listen them a lot, I just re-discovered the songs.

The listen began at 05:00 A.M. to 09:30 A.M., It was dark so I was 100% focus on the songs. It was like I was listenning to Linkin Park for the first time ! I’ve heard lot of sound that I didn’t heard before, I was in harmony with the lyrics, I understood the musical change of Minutes To Midnight and A Thousand Suns.

All thoses records are just amazing, even though I didn’t do it, I think it’s wrong to compare the records because each one as it’s own existence, it’s own period of time, of mood, for exemple : when they did Hybrid Theory, the band was just revealed to the world, bringing there stuff out and when they made Minutes To Midnight, they still were the same band, doing there stuff but differentyl because that’s what Linkin Park is.

Each album is good, no great, no AMAZING ! THEY ALL ARE !

This is my vision of Linkin Park, this is my personnal story, so I add this Topic so that everybody can tell his own story.

Peace, and have a good Linkin Park day ! :slight_smile: