Incinerate The Air - The Unity of Us

If need be. You can combine, swap, add, use word game or whatever you need.

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Wow, this is great!

I see you like the approach. I’ll better start then:

Verse 1

  • Time to stop the anguish and release the flames I’m breathing out!

@jessicarister the second line is yours.

Hey guys,
Something really bad happened today and I don’t know the next time I will be on here. I’m too upset tonight to do anything, maybe tomorrow, I don’t know. I will try to pop in every now and again. It has been fun and I will let everyone know when my life is back together again.

Ty for the Info -Good luck @jessicarister ! We go on @jabinquaken?

@jessicarister I hope you cope. Stay online.

@theearlywalker I think we go on. Jessica’s line can be taken by anyone of the team.

Good so Tell me ya Intention on it in two words ( nice To Meet you in a Long Time Jabin :))


Major hugs for you

Go do what you need to do and when you are ready to return your LP family will be waiting with open arms
Stay strong and remember you have us if you ever need to talk about it


Since it was me that recruited jess i think maybe i should take the lines

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@acemasters Good idea imo!

Mutually, Pat. I was on plug on Halloween but I was told that you’ve been glitched out.

@acemasters you go then.

When the feeling is burning away the fire I can’t live without!


Yes First it worked, but after changing the room - I couldn’t Log in again! Was a real pitty! Ya holidays? @jabinquaken?

Have no rest for some time.

I think we gotta tag @rickvanmeijel to continue the thread.

Yes we have To! But I guess he still sleeping :stuck_out_tongue: @rickvanmeijel??? Ya listened on his music For the Smashed Bacons man? Nice ! On whats app! Hope we Meet again soon! Have a Good Time - all power To you man! :+1::+1::notes::notes::raised_hands::smiley:

I will listen to it today. Going for work. Have a nice day, @everyone


What? I didn’t even get any votes for my title hahah

Lol :joy: hahahaha

I hope everything works out for you @jessicarister take care!

Good luck to you Jessi!