I'll Be Gone- New Single?

Word is that I’ll Be Gone will be the new single? Yay or Nay? To be honest I was hoping Lost in the Echo. Ill Be Gone is AMAZING but I think Lost in the Echo will bring back some of those fans that lost their way with ATS.

Well the sticker on the plastic on the album when you buy it says featuring BURN IT DOWN, LOST IN THE ECHO, and CASTLE OF GLASS. So maybe Lost In The Echo and Castle Of Glass will be singles down the line? Idk just a guess.

I agree about that. However, Lost in the Echo in itself is a very misleading way to get fans back. Don’t get me wrong, the album is amazing. However, the actual song structure is quite beautiful(not the vocals) and much different from most of the tracks on the album.

LOST IN THE ECHO provides energizing start to the album which to me is the great way to build the foundation for such album. About song structure, yes it’s lyrically one of the strongest in the record. There is a charge after the second verse, it’s exhilarating.

I love I’ll be gone so I’m happy it could be the next single. Think it’s a strong song and i like how the verses are structured. I do also hope lost in the echo and in my remains become singles as well.

In my opinion it shouldn’t be a single, more of a good live song.