If you could be a LP director

If you could shoot a video for any of LP songs (old albums, new ones, remixed… etc)

What would it be? How would you do it?

… for example, for until it breaks, I’d show a fight of a person - single in the society and fighting addiction on their own

Burning in the Skies

  • We see a burn is begin in a house and a family try to escape.
  • Between the scenes we see the band members.
  • Firefighters arrive at the house.
  • the scene changes to hospital.
  • at the end maybe on family could die? or not…

this idea came in my mind when always hear the song.

Those are pretty awesome guys ) although what song are you talking about, NickfanofShin? DOnt think i’ve heard it

26 Lettaz In Da Alphabet.

Mike and Chester would be playing together in a ball pool with mankini dressed Joe and Rob dancing cheerleader-style next to it. Phoenix with Brad would be swinging on a seesaw dressed as Teletubbies while hovering upside down right above the pool.