If We Were Ghosts


I guess it depends on how you look at it but for me it doesn’t mean that the song is specifically for him.


I havent really heard the whole album. Just a few random songs. Vertigo is quite cool.

I agree. Some songs in Cold World were cool though. Defy is the most generic song I’ve ever heard.


Yeah its not specifically for him. What @evooba said. Its about loss in general


I just tried to listen to more of men and mice songs, they’re not for me. I mean I like screamo, but I don’t really care for them much. Plus they sound like another band I used to listen to called Attack Attack.


I thought this song was good. I haven’t listened to anything else from them so, have nothing to compare it to.


I’ve been trying to get into more bands since last year, but I have to limit what I can listen to and what I can’t. But I think I’m gonna pass on these guys. I’ll just listen to this song and that’s it for me. Anyone got any good bands to listen to though?


What genres?


As long as it’s rock. I mostly listen to late 90s or 2000s. And nothing with a lot of negativity, or screaming or anything.


Thanks for sharing, look forward to listening to it.


Yes because Austin was the founding member of OM&M.


Oh. My bad, I didn’t know. :joy:


I just listened to the whole Defy album. Its not too bad actually. Not as good as their previous album though.


I listened to it and it is a very nice song!


Hello @titan2025 I love it Now I am gonna go out and get this today.

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Hi @kathy357. The other songs in the album sound way different to this song though.

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@titan2025 I just listened to part of Restoring Force And that’s what I like

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Awesome! I’ve got the digital version of the album already.

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They are very good I am hooked So now I am going back to listen to the rest of it .Have a good week.