I need help with my Post Concert Depression!


I have depression too you are not alone


Don’t worry, you will recover soon. Time will help you heal. STAY STRONG! :slight_smile:


Have you been heartbroken by a boyfriend who don’t text you I have a boyfriend who don’t want to talk to me




Do you wanna be friends with me

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Sure! We all are friends … United by LP!


It’s now been over a month since my concert and due to Chester, I keep getting the concert more and more in my dreams. I keep getting the section of which Chester blew me a kiss during Waiting For The End repeating itself in my head and every time I listen to the song.
However, I can’t stop listening to the song because it’s helped me a lot during 2010.

To narrow it down, I can’t stop imagining about it! :cold_sweat:
And I can’t stop listening to LP/DBS/FM/STP with CB!

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It’s hard ro forget Chester I have a lot of things on my mind like my depression and my boyfriend


Honey8 you don’t know what I am going through its hard for me to explain


Look friend… Its true I dont know what you are going though and I wont force you to tell. Just would like to say that “you are given this life because you are strong enough to live it” . Its hard but not impossible. Will say again that time will heal you. Mental strength differs in every person. Take your own time. And I bet that someday everything will be okay and I will get this message someday… :slight_smile:

“I am healed and perfectly fine” - by @meandzane

We all are with you. Any help? , just tag me anywhere in this forums … I’ll be there

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thank you my friend I Will tell you anything about me just ask me ok I am trying to stay strong