I cheated!

The album is too f******** good guys, its so amazing it brings tears to my eyes. It’s a masterpiece. I always find myself thinking about the gravity of such art work. It’s as revolutionary as Revolver by The Beatles, and that’s supposedly the best album in the history of music.

It’s amazing, that’s all I can say. You will be blown away. I love this album and it is my favorite LP album. I am a die hard fan for probably half of my life and my favorite album was Meteora even though I freaking loved ATS with all my heart I still couldn’t love anything else more than Meteora, but this is it. This album is LP at its best. God I love this band, the nostalgia i’m feeling is too much I had to share with u guys. You wil love it too.

Now back to replay, for the 10th time in a row!!!