HYBRID THEORY, 2000 or 2001?

On Wikipedia there is written that Hybrid Theory was released in 2000, but says that singles like One step closer, papercut … They were published in 2001, why? I don’t understand …

The whole album was published in 2000; the singles were published in different times as usually artists do to promote their albums… One step closer for example as single was published before the album… Anyway in Italy (I saw you wrote in Italian in the other thread) it were on sales later… personally I found a copy only in 2004 as they weren’t popular here…

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What lpfan said. Singles are separate releases from an album, even though many singles appear on albums. Sometimes a band publishes singles before an album comes out to promote it and spread out releases for fans (for instance, Skillet is set to release their album Victorious early August, but we already have 3 singles off of it). And a lot of singles are released as singles after an album release, and then they usually get a music video attached to it and all that.


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