not sure if this is complete horse manure or not, did anybody actually get an email saying the website would change?

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Yep! I did a few days ago.

There is a forum topic here called "Linkin Park Form Migration"

It basically says the same thing as what the email said.


thanks mate, i missed that forum post. also did not get an email on any platform…:dizzy_face: i checked all my spam and everything, so wondering why i didnt get one.


Yep, I got it too…


There’s actually a topic about it here:


And yes, even me in the states got the same email…


In the future… if you see, read, come across any news or information from Alternative Nation, Alternative Press, Metalheadzone or BLABBERMOUTH, ignore it at all cost. They’re online click-bate music news blogs that write horribly written articles based on information from other unreliable sources and try to make things sound legit. Example: Mike Shinoda goes out to lunch with Joe Hahn and posts a photo on instagram. These blogs take that photo and add their own thesis to it: “Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn meet to talk about the future of their band Linkin Park…” It’s probably the most annoying $hit on the internet to date.

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Yes, I received an email.