How to pre-order LIVING THINGS from country not in the list (e.g. Russia)?

I’ve pre-ordered ATS physical bundle and got it successfully as well as bought LPU 11 annual membership. Everything by MASTERCARD. BUT I cannot buy even digital bundle of LIVING THINGS right now, coz warner doesn’t ship to Russia though there’s nothing to ship to in case of a mp3 e-mail delivery.
Why that is so bad? And is there any option to buy it via PAYPAL or MASTERCARD?
Thanks for any help!

Yeah you actually can’t pre-order. Russia is one of the countries Warner can’t ship the cd and I guess isn’t working with music companies there. We knew it was coming. Mike said some of us wouldn’t be able to pre-order at all.

What might be wrong with former payment system they used in the ATS times so they switched to country-limiting one? [sad] They are clearing going to fall short of potential sales due to this, though I guess not that much to really worry about it.

I’m from Ukraine, and want to buy CD or Vinyl if it will be available. But cant do it -_-