How Has Linkin Park Changed Your Life?


They got me into music.



I then just decided to listen to the whole thing, cover to cover. Then I’d listen through it again. And again.

This was amazing. It was like Linkin Park had known all along who I was and what I was going through, and knew just how to help me through it. It was one thing that really kept me going and looking at things more positively.

this is EXACTLY what i was thinkin when i first discovered LP!!![biggrin]


I’m only 15, so when Linkin Park first released Hybrid Theory, I was too young to remember anything. I vaguely remember hearing some HT and Meteora songs when I was bit older, and I enjoyed them, but I don’t think I knew who Linkin Park was then and that it was them singing the songs. I believe I started listening to Linkin Park and recognizing them when I was about 10. I used to play on a website, and people would make tribute videos and whatnot and a lot of people used LP music in the background. I got hooked from hearing them and started listening like crazy to the albums, but I had no clue how much they’d affect me and what they’d get me through.

I’ve been through a lot in the past 5 years, and Linkin Park first helped me get through the death of my grandfather, who I was extremely close to. I would listen to Breaking the Habit and With You constantly, and that helped me out quite a bit. Later on M2M was released and I found that was one of my favourite albums.

In the past 3 or so years, I’ve been figuring out my sexual orientation, and there have been quite a few hardships but listening to LP (along with a few other bands) I’ve gained my confidence and learned to be proud of who I am.

Linkin Park continues to inspire me to be me and ignore the haters and people who don’t give me a chance.


I’ve been a fan since hybrid theory came out, thanks to the radio which i now detest because they over play stuff but thats not the point). I never really had any personal experience that relate to the songs that differ from most peoples experience with the songs like the lyrics being relatable to personal experiences. ATS did get me through a bad break up and Im not sure where I would be without it. Living Things is helping me through some current issues that im not really comfortable speaking about. I hope that LP keeps making music that can relate and inspire every person that is willing to give the songs a listen.


Linkin Park tought me to love different genres of music.


Well, i guess it was July in 2008, i was with my friends in our garden. And we were really really bored. One of us -i can’t remember who is it- opened Somewhere I Belong and when i heard that lyrics, i started to cry. Then i went home, i searched everything about Linkin Park, listened all of their songs, actually i spent all of day with them. Then i saw, they were enjoying people, they were saying what we want to say, they were giving something people to believe. I don’t know how did it happen but now Linkin Park is my whole life and always will.


Hybrid Theory - Crawling sold it for me. At a time when all the music was just lyrical nonsense. This album gave me something I could actually feel. The fact that some of the lyrics always seemed to resonate with what was going on personally, coincidental as it might have been, made the songs feel very personable.
It was as if the band new who I was and what was happening in my own little bubble. I became hooked.

I know of two of people who cannot listen to iridescent without breaking into tears.Its absolutely amazing.


I’ll start off by saying, and I know it might sound cheesy, but LP saved my life when I was 15.

I read through a few of your stories, and could really relate, here’s mine:

I first heard LP in 2000, I was in 7th grade, very much into pop music, and had heard One Step Closer on MTV, was not a fan at first. Hated it. It wasn’t Britney Spears or NSync, so I wanted nothing to do with it. At the beginning of 8th grade, my parents divorced, and that was devastating, I had a really hard time dealing with that and the stress from school - I was bullied a lot for being one of the few white kids in my school - I grew up about 20 minutes outside of Atlanta, and I was always small for my age, so naturally, I got bullied quite a bit during school. It never bothered me until after my parents divorced. When that happened it was like something inside of me just broke, I couldn’t handle anything anymore. At the end of 8th grade, my dad wanted to move us out of the city, to a safer school, so he took a job in an extremely small town called Canton, GA. About 2 hours north of Atlanta. I hated it. So I was starting high school with no friends, knowing no one, and being this broken, damaged little girl. I had no one or nothing to turn to. Again, I was getting bullied because I was the ‘new kid’ and I was ‘tiny,’ a ‘midget,’ or ‘hobbit’. It sounds so stupid at this point, but because of that absolutely no one would even speak to me or would even reach out to be friends with me. At 14 I started cutting myself and was diagnosed with clinical depression. I was actually held at our local hospital for 3 days under suicide watch after a failed attempt. I had no desire to live. My entire world was damaged, broken, and in my mind, would never be fixed. Then I heard Crawling. I related so well with it, I felt like finally, someone out there understood me, someone else had been there, and I wasn’t alone. So I bought Hybrid Theory. For almost a year that was all I listened to. The cutting was still a struggle, still can be, to be completely honest. But to know someone else has struggled in the same ways I have, that really helped me through a lot. I went for a second attempt at suicide when I was 15, but instead of overdosing I sat back and listened to HT and the HT EP and just cried. Months later, my parents got back together, and you’d think that would help some, but it seemed that things only got worse. I started having these insane panic attacks, and the cutting just seemed to be more and more frequent - to a point where I would come in from school every day and hide in my room with an Xacto knife for a few minutes. Then Meteora was released. Breaking The Habit and Easier to Run spoke to me in a way nothing ever could. I would listen to those over and over and over for months. I found solace, comfort in those two songs. The panic seemed to ease up, but the cutting - not so much. And the video for Numb - that video still hits me hard. 2004 they came to Atlanta and I got to see them twice that year. Those 2 concerts were the first time I could remember feeling happy in around 4 years. In between those two shows, I quit school and got my GED after the physical bullying began - I was 17, 4’10, and maybe 130 pounds soaking wet. There was a guy who was around 6’1 and probably close to 300 pounds - built like a linebacker, and he would shove me into lockers, leave bruises on me, would punch & hit me and call me names on a daily basis. Because I was small and ‘Linkin Park is for f-ggots’. He did the same thing to a friend of mine. So I quit. After quitting, life in general eased up, since then I’ve only experienced 2-3 panic attacks. The cutting has nearly stopped. For years it had, and just kind of…recently fell back into it a bit. It’s a horrible habit to break, but day by day it gets better and with knowing someone else has been there helps tremendously. Since those days, I’ve kinda felt like I owe something to the guys. I’ve loved every song and every album since then, and with LIVING THINGS, I feel so much of it speaks to me as well, it really feels like old LP but with so much more maturity, I really don’t think anything could ever turn me away from LP.