How can I add picture form my laptop to comment?


Do I have to add picture to some website? [confused]


Find an image hosting website.

I reccommend:


Then, the website will give you an URL (website link) to your picture, then you’ll just have to copy that URL in your post and put [ img ] before the link and [ /img ] after the link. Your image will then appear in your post.


+ get the direct link/url


By right-clicking the image and selecting copy image URL (or something like that, I’m translating from Polish version of Windows XP). This also works on imageshack, so you don’t have to create an account on that website. Watch out, free image hosting might stop working if noone sees your image for a long time.


I just started using photobucket. It works pretty well, too. Once you upload a picture it will give you the option of copying the URL along the right side of the page. Copy the URL and in the comment box on click the picture button and paste the URL in the box.


Thanks you all for help. Now I get that. I can copy URL adress only picture which is anywhere in the internet. works great [smile] Linkin Park in Poland [smile]


imageshack and then copy the link into here :slight_smile: (when you click “reply” - go to the little picture next to the “U” and copy the url into it


I use Photobucket and ImageShack. Either are great